Youth group educates ‘bad parkers’ in Dumaguete streets

Parking instructions

A group of concerned youth headed to the streets of Dumaguete City to educate erring motorists who park their vehicles in non-parking spots on Wednesday (January 20).

Denniz Futalan, a photographer and the administrator of the Facebook group “I Park like an Idiot in Dumaguete City,” said in an interview that they started a social movement to educate motorists and to make them adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

Futalan shared his frustrations on motorists who ignore traffic signs, especially “no parking” signs, which he said often leads to road congestion.

He said the city streets are not wide enough and there are too many vehicles plying the roads, and if you add the erring drivers to the mix, it would lead to traffic.

Park-like-an-idiot-Dumaguete-2Educate the public
He shared one of the ways their group is educating motorists in Dumaguete is by approaching and informing them that they are causing traffic when they park illegally.

He said that for the unattended cars and motorcycles that are illegally parked, flyers will be posted on their vehicles with an illustration on how to park their vehicles properly.

Futalan hopes that this social movement will remind the city officials of the lapses that they are missing in the implementation of the rules. If the city officials cannot perform their duties, the people will do it for them, he lamented.


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