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Walking the beach near the Dumaguete Airport


Try walking along the beach on the Sibulan side of the Dumaguete (DGT) Airport.

You don’t want to walk along the beach close to downtown Dumaguete.  It smells of sewer and other pollution.  But if you get just a little bit away from the downtown area, there are some great beach areas to stroll along at low tide.  It must be low tide though.  Too many houses and resorts build right up to the high tide mark and you cannot stroll along the beach at high tide unless you swim around those.

Today was an interesting day to ramble around on the beach.  There must have been a storm out to sea because the debris on the beach was unusually thick this afternoon.

Yvonne and I wandered the beach for about 5 km. This is a typical afternoon walk for us and when you count the time from when we left the house it’s about 3 hours.  We left home just after 3 PM and got back at 6:30.  Crossing the National Highway is a pain in the butt whether you are walking or driving.  No one gives you an inch, which is why it’s a good idea to start our daily walk before the peak hour traffic.Yvonne on the beach at Sibulan

We always seem to get a bit hungry when walking those long stretches so it is very convenient that there is a Filipino bakery on every second corner.  A couple of cookies, some sugar buns and a soft drink for each of us costs only 32 pesos to refuel our carb reserves.  Now if only they would discover take away cups instead of pouring a bottle of orange pop into a sandwich bag with a straw.

Finally we get down to the beach.  The first sign that something is unusual is that I can’t skip rocks more than one or two skips today.  On flat calm days I have managed to skip a rock up to 8 times over the water.  Today there are just too many waves.

Walking a little further I saw my first dead jellyfish washed up on the beach.  I have seen a lot of beaches in my 8 year in Philippines but very few dead jellyfish.  Yvonne says there must have been a large storm out on the open water as that’s when she notices the dead jellies on the beach.  This was just the first of many that we saw today.  Some were huge monsters, in my opinion.  How big is a huge jellyfish?  Well I took pictures but it is still hard to judge by that.  Best estimate is that the 2 largest ones we saw today were at least the size of our rice cooker.

And there’s more. Dead-seasnake-washed-up-on-the-beach I have heard of sea snakes in the Philippine waters but this is the first time I have seen one.  It’s interesting that it turned out to be a dead one washed up on the shore but still an interesting sight.  Lots of dead coral pieces and shards of coconut were washed up in the debris but that is so normal here.  You have to wonder what the people do to the coral reefs to get them to break apart and wash up on the beach.

The coral and debris makes it a bit hard to take our shoes off and wade through the mouths of the creeks.  When walking along the beach there will be times you have to do this.  Fortunately the alluvial area is wide and shallow at the mouths of most of the rivers so wading across at low tide will only find you in knee high water, if you are tall enough.

So enjoy the pics and take the time to wander the beaches of Dumaguete.  It really is more fun at low tide after a storm.Jellyfish-washed-up-on-the-beach.


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