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Overnight Trip to Tanjay near Dumaguete

Kamanggahan Resort

An Overnight Trip to Tanjay, near Dumaguete

Yvonne and I wanted a cheap getaway. Google showed us an interesting resort, called Kamanggahan Garden Resort Hotel in Tanjay, near Dumaguete. There is not a lot of info about Kamanggahan on the internet so we picked up the old-fashioned landline phone and called them. Wow, only 1,000 pesos a night with 5 swimming pools and a room with air conditioning, hot shower, bathtub, and two double beds with soft, plush mattress and box springs.

I had been spending too many days on the couch, complaining about lack of funds. 1,000 pesos for a night in a resort sounded great. In fact it sounded too good to be true so we had to go check it out.

With Yvonne on the back of my motorcycle it was less than an hour to Tanjay. The Kamanggahan Resort is hard to find. If you do not know it is there, you would go right by it. Look for Neila’s Store and travel the rocky road beside that. 100 meters along that stone path you will be at the entrance. There is no need to make a reservation because they don’t rent a lot of overnight rooms. In fact the rooms are dirty from disuse and lack of cleaning but that does not make them any less appealing for a backpacker’s holiday.

There are 2 large swimming pools, 1 pool for the kids, a nicely warmed swirl pool for those who want to soak and relax, and another pool whose purpose is lost on this traveler. Numerous pool cleaners are┬áconstantly at work. It’s a never ending job.

Kamangahan Pool FunTime for a side trip. It’s about a 20 minute ride to the BoardWalk in Tanjay. This is a project of the Governor of Negros Oriental. Well worth the trip, the BoardWalk is a pleasant walk atop the mangroves with shady trees overhead and frequent seats to rest and enjoy the view. Best of all, it’s a free attraction. Be sure to sign the visitor book and leave a donation in the box.

Food is an important part of any day trip and foreigner friendly foods are rare in Tanjay. We ate supper at May Abohan, near Prince Warehouse and breakfast was at Jollibee. Breakfast is only served until 10:30 am on Saturday morning so be early. They offered a very nice bacon and egg pancake sandwich with brewed coffee for a price so low you would not believe it if I told you. The supper at May Abohan was low cost and tasty. We have blogged about that one before as it is a favorite of ours.

Evenings are dull in Tanjay, so we took a road trip to Bais after dark on Friday night. We found a street food court with all the local flavours of food you can imagine. If Philippine street food is what you like then that is a great place to go. Walking around the block we found an abundance of street vendors selling the usual clothes, shoes, counterfeit CDs, etc. A huge field across the lane was filled with local women doing Zumba. It seemed like they may have been trying to set the record for the most women doing Zumba but I enjoyed watching while Yvonne shopped, and then it was time to head back to the resort.

The pools close at 10 pm so time for a few drinks and a long, leisurely soak. Then it’s off to bed and time to call it a night. Hope you enjoyed taking this trip with us. The entire trip, including gas, food, hotel and attractions, was under 2,000 pesos.

Tanjay Boardwalk Ocean View

Tanjay Boardwalk Mangrove View

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