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Time Management in Dumaguete

Cangs, Dumaguete

Filipino time is very real and one needs to learn to deal with it, when living in Dumaguete City

It’s a Sunday morning and we awoke early.  Well, for a Sunday morning, being retired and living in Philippines it was early.  I rolled out of bed at 9:30 am so I could have my coffee, check the news from the Internet, shower, and get ready to go to the noon party we were scheduled to attend.  I was ready by 10:15.

Yvonne, on the other hand, has to shower, put on makeup, and change clothes 3 times before she is ready.  It’s the Filipina way and I was impressed that she was ready to go at 11:15.  It’s only a 20 minute drive to the Octagon Bar and Restaurant where our friends are holding a party to celebrate the christening of their young daughter.  The party starts at noon so we have lots of time.

Since we have so much time I have this bright idea that we should stop and pick up a Christening gift.  Yvonne mentions that Cang’s Department Store is on the way.  It should be quick and easy as we have 25 minutes to spare. We had decided on our choice of gift in advance. 5 minutes to find it and we head to the cashier.  Then I spot a gift wrapping service with a clerk who is sitting idle and I ask her if we can have the gift wrapped.  That’s when the trouble started.

10 minutes in line while the cashier handles the 2 customers ahead of us.  Another 10 minutes while they figure out how to charge for the gift wrapping. It takes 10 more minutes to find a box that it will fit in; then another 10 minutes to dismantle the item to make it fit in the box it is supposed to fit in. After all that it only takes 5 minutes to wrap it and we head for the door at 5 minutes after 12.  Did I mention the party started at 12 and the other guests were on American time?  We arrived 20 minutes late but there was still food for us.  In fact other people arrived after we did.  Don’t you just love Filipino time?

There must have been 25 or so expats and their Filipina partners at the party.  Octagon does a great job of catering a party of this size so if you are throwing parties in Dumaguete then give them a call.  They are located south of the city in Bacong.  Many of the world class resorts are located south of the city and lots of expats live there.  Bacong is part of the Metro Dumaguete area.


It’s now 3:15 and we are back at home getting prepared for our afternoon stroll along the beach.  We’ll be walking for 2 or 3 hours, home for supper, play a little poker online, and watch some TV before bed.  People wonder if we get bored with being retired and living in Dumaguete Philippines.  My answer is I can hardly wait until next week when I take a vacation from retirement and travel to the city of Cebu.  Lots to do in Cebu!

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