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Mia’s Restobar Near Dumaguete Airport

Map of Mias Restobar Near Dumaguete Airport

“Honey, can we go for a ride ride?”

It’s common for Filipinas to double up words.  A “ride ride” simply means she wants to hop on the back of my motorcycle and feel the wind in her hair as we take the scenic route along the ocean near Dumaguete.  Where to?  It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a “ride ride”

On this particular Thursday afternoon we were all dressed and heading out the door when a couple of good friends showed up on their motorcycle.  Well that changed our plans.  We sat for a while in the air conditioned living room and had a couple of cold drinks until food became the overpowering thought.

“Let’s go to Mia’s”, I said. “We haven’t been there for a while and the food is great.  We can take a ride along the back roads, see the ocean, and then have some of their excellent burritos for supper.”

The two Filipina girls said “Yes” in unison as good food is a primary motivator in this culture.  Scott was not far behind with his approval too.  So off we go.

Mia’s Restobar and KTV is actually located in Sibulan, a city which borders Dumaguete and shares the DGT airport.  Mia’s is close enough to the airport that you can see the planes taking off or landing as you dine. Let me put it in perspective on the map I will attach.

Did you see the girl in the top right corner of the map?  That’s Yvonne, my partner.  Our ride to Mia’s took us on the back road, near the ocean, and of course we had to stop for a picture.  The seashore from Sibulan into Dumaguete, is perfect for strolling along.  Hard packed, dark sand is very good for jogging barefoot or picture taking.

On we go to Mia’s Restobar.  It is almost 6 pm when we arrive and we all order burritos.  Good food takes time to prepare so it’s a good thing that the San Miguel beers are not expensive.  There is videoke for those who want to sing while waiting.  Lots of expats and local Filipinos are frequent customers and there is ample time to make friends.  If playing pool is your passion you will find a pool table there.  I almost forgot, there is a swimming pool in the back if you want to swim or dine by the pool.  Mia’s Restobar hosts weddings and other parties so check it out.  The décor looks a bit dated but if that is the only complaint then I still give it 4 out of 5 stars for restaurants in this part of the world.

About an hour after we ordered, the food arrived.  It sounds like a long wait so you may wonder if it is worth it.  Just take a look at the picture of the scrumptious burritos and decide for yourself.


I’m Max Veracity and that is real life, here in Dumaguete, Philippines.

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