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Medical and Hospital Care in Dumaguete Philippines

Hospitals of Dumaguete

Three hospitals currently serve Dumaguete City. There are 2 other hospitals under construction but medical professionals estimate 3 to 5 years before they start accepting patients. Hospital services, provided in Dumaguete, will continue to be strained until these new facilities become available.


The most popular of the 3 Dumaguete hospitals is Silliman University Medical Center. SUMC is the choice of most expats and visitors to Philippines. Rooms and facilities are limited and it is the most expensive of the 3 hospitals, so it is not everyone’s first choice.
Holy Child Hospital is the second most popular choice of Dumaguete hospital. It is less expensive, but older than SUMC and some believe the care provided is reduced, due to the lower cost. My personal opinion is to use Holy Child for non-life threatening situations and pay the extra cost of SUMC when critical care is required.
Also on the list is the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital. As it is the lowest cost of the 3 it is often considered the least desirable.


Most Dumaguete doctors have an office in or near the hospital they attend. Some senior doctors, usually specialists, will attend more than one of the hospitals. Keep in mind that better doctors prefer better facilities. Most expats will choose a doctor with an office in or near SUMC.
Your choice of doctor becomes important when you need to be admitted to hospital. In Philippines, who you are matters almost as much as how much money you have. It is my opinion, validated by my personal observations, that it is wise to choose one of the senior doctors at SUMC for your regular check ups and care. Establishing a bond with your doctor will help tremendously when you need critical care at the hospital.
Choice of doctors is such a personal decision that I won’t make any recommendations as to individual doctors. Some specialize in geriatrics and others in diabetics so your situation will be different than mine.


Dumaguete hospital
When a serious situation arose last year, My wife Yvonne took me to SUMC emergency. The young residents there were trying very hard to find a way to send me home. They asked me a couple of times if I really wanted to be admitted, because the hospital was already at capacity and they were really hoping I would go home.
Fortunately, I am old enough and wise enough to know when I need to be in hospital so I insisted that they find a space for me and then I passed out. Coming to, there were a lot of experienced doctors in attendance and they admitted me to a ward soon after that.
The wards are not comfortable but old Max made the best of it. You need to provide your own attendant while you are in hospital so I made sure I had lots of help (see picture).
It was a day or two before I was able to transfer to a private room and things got a lot more comfortable after that. Just remember that cash is king in a Philippine hospital and you won’t be getting a private room until you pay in advance.
I’m happy to report that I am back in good health. I encourage you to leave comments on your own experiences in Dumaguete hospitals.


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