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I’m Max Veracity and I am living in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Max Veracity living in Dumaguete City

Well that’s a lie. In fact, my house is in Sibulan which is a part of what I call the “Dumaguete metropolitan area”.  Sibulan borders Dumaguete on the north side. We share the DGT airport with the city of Dumaguete, and harbor the primary ferry service from Dumaguete to the island of Cebu.

I don’t usually look this fancy.  This is my Facebook profile picture.  Yvonne, my partner, insisted that I put my best business face on this article.  We make a meager living from articles and videos that we write and record around Dumaguete.  Check Max Veracity on Facebook for more info.  At the end of this article is a picture of what we usually look like.  I’ll include Yvonne in that picture because I’m not letting her off lightly for making me post my formal pic.

Dumaguete is a great place to retire, or just come for a visit.

I moved to Dumaguete to be near some retired friends of mine. I had previously lived in Metro Cebu and I still recommend that tourists, and other visitors, check out that Queen City of the South.  3 years in Cebu took a financial toll on me so I moved to the very small, quiet, and laid back provincial city of Naval, Biliran.  It was sure quiet!  There were times when I would stand outside and scream at the moon because the sidewalks were rolled up and locked away by 7PM.  I was BORED!  Then a couple of good friends shared their Facebook pictures of the good times they were having in Dumaguete and I had to come for a visit.

Yolanda was the last straw.  Yolanda was a Super Typhoon that rolled over Leyte and parts of Biliran province like a train wreck of vast proportions.  Some higher power was sending me a sign that pointed to Dumaguete.  I followed that sign and have not looked back.

At first I wondered if there were there any available girls in Dumaguete.

On my first visit to Dumaguete, I noticed a lot of beautiful Filipinas.  I also noticed that most of the Filipina girls in Dumaguete were resistant to my foreigner charm and winning ways.  There is an exceptionally large expat community in and around Metro Dumaguete.  Many of these aging Lotharios are convinced that they are God’s gift to women.  Attractive Filipinas can scarcely go anywhere without some foreigner trying to seduce them. There many Filipinas enjoying relationships with foreign men in Dumaguete, but you may have to look a little harder to find one of your own.

Max Veracity

Let them find you!  That’s how yours truly, Max Veracity, ended up with the stunning Yvonne.  I was at a pool party with some expat friends, their wives, girlfriends, and accompanying stragglers.  She found me soaking in the pool, chatting to my buddy Scott.  We were having some beers and solving all the world’s problems when Yvonne sauntered up in her bikini and asked how the water was.  She set her hook for me and I took the bait.  The rest is history.

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Max Veracity

I am living in Dumaguete city with my spouse and partner, Yvonne. We like to explore and write about it. We also take pictures and videos. Find me on Facebook. Give me a like when you get there.

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