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Girls Have Fun at WhyNot in Dumaguete

whynot bar

WhyNot is the name of one of the most popular places in Dumaguete.

Tourists, Expats, and locals are all frequent customers at WhyNot, on Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete.  This is a trendy business that has managed to fill quite a few niches.  Whether you want breakfast, dinner, a delicatessen or just a beer they have it.   If you need an Internet café or a variety of other services, they’re in the back so just ask. Friends meet to eat or have liquid refreshments with a choice of outside tables or inside air conditioned comfort.

Last night was girlGirls Have Fun in Dumaguete’s night out for Yvonne and her friends.  The disco at WhyNot is always their destination of choice and for a Wednesday night it was crowded.  There was a live band from 9 pm until 11 but the girls like the disco, which is on from 11 pm to 2 am.  This disco is right out of the ‘80s.  Time seems to stand still in this country as fads which were popular before these ladies were born are still current in Dumaguete today. Or perhaps they are ahead of their time and disco is about to make a comeback in the western world?

There are a couple of local courtesies that need to be pointed out to some of the foreign men who come to Dumaguete.  Yvonne and her friends, and many other ladies patronizing WhyNot, all have foreign spouses.  They are not looking for a drunken white knight to rescue them so remember to be polite as you approach the ladies to dance. The important things are keeping your hands to yourself and accepting no for an answer.

So what does Max do when the girls are tripping the light fantastic?  That’s Max’s cue to try out a new massage establishment.  Body and Sole massage therapists opened a new branch in Dumaguete last month.  I have tried many of the massage spas in Dumaguete and I am pleased to say they are all wholesome establishments.  They are all the kind of place you could take your mother for a relaxing treatment.  What I liked most about Body and Sole was the relaxing repetitive motions of the therapist.  I often prefer a more rigorous, deep tissue, sports massage but at 10pm on a Wednesday it was nice to just relax and have the day’s stress rubbed away.

So let’s get back to the girl’s at WhyNot.  They had a great time and at 2 beers for 99 pesos they did not get overly intoxicated. There is no cover charge so Yvonne did not mind paying 130 pesos for a margarita. Even at 1 am I noticed there was still a healthy crowd of customers.  It is amazing to me that the disco craze is alive and well in Dumaguete.  Check it out and see for yourself!


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