Getting Postal ID in Dumaguete

PhilPost Building in Dumaguete

After years of procrastination, it was finally time for Yvonne to get a Postal ID

Postal ID is an accepted form of government ID in Philippines.  Citizens can use it to open a bank account, board an airplane, apply for a passport, get money sent from abroad, and many situations where ID is needed.  It is easy to get when you follow the advice of the Post Office management.

There are many sites on the Internet that tell you how to get Postal ID in Philippines.  These are good guides, but when you actually go to the Post Office there is one lady in charge of accepting your application.  She tends to consider herself the expert in this area.  This means that regardless of what you read on the Internet, the lady in the Post Office is the one to decide what requirements you must fulfill.

Yvonne and I went to PhilPost, across from the Quezon Park in downtown Dumaguete.  It is just a couple of blocks down from the City Hall, on the same side of the street.  At 11:45 in the morning there was no lineup and we only had to wait a few minutes to see the lady in charge of Postal ID.  Of course we did not have all the required papers.  Sometimes I think it is standard procedure for officials to ask for “just one more” document before they will process any application.

We came back an hour later with all the required documents.  Here is a list of what was needed:

Original NSO Birth Certificate and one photocopy

Original Barangay Clearance Certificate and one photocopy, (The BCC had no expiration date and Yvonne’s was 9 months old but issued this year so it was not questioned.)

Proof of Billing, (This could be an electric bill or a phone bill or any utility bill in the name of the applicant.  The official requirements say BCC OR PoB but the lady in charge requested both.)

The next step was to fill out the application provided by the lady in charge.  After that a trip upstairs was required to get approval from the ‘higher ups’.  A stop at the cashier followed, and the total payment was only 414 pesos. The final step was to return to the lady in charge to get fingerprinted and photographed at the computer.

That’s all there was to it.  Now we just ‘wait a while’ until the final Postal ID comes in the mail.  There is a sign at the post office to say this only a 3 day process but we have read reports online that say this takes 30 days.  We shall see.  Please comment to share your own experiences if you have obtained Postal ID in Dumaguete or nearby towns.



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