Getting a Voter’s ID in Dumaguete

Will there be an extension to allow more people to get Voter’s ID in Philippines?

The Philippine general election is in May of 2016.  The law requires people to register to vote 6 months or more prior to the election.  In previous elections there has been a call to open up the COMELEC registration facilities to allow late registration.  If you have not yet registered to vote then we can only hope this happens again.

Obtaining Philippine Voter’s ID in Dumaguete has a dual purpose for Yvonne.  This will give her a second piece of government issued photo ID and it will also ensure her right to vote for the future of Philippines.  But once again, nothing worth doing is easy in Philippines.

COMELEC are the government agency responsible for overseeing the general election.  They had set up an area in Robinsons Mall, Dumaguete to assist people with the registration process but not all local residents could use that facility.  Yvonne spent an hour there to find out what needed to be done and obtain the proper forms, only to find that she had to register in the city of Sibulan.  Yvonne discovered that each city, and in some cases each barangay, has its own COMELEC location to register for voter’s ID.

So the next day I took Yvonne to the COMELEC office in Sibulan. Another hour of waiting and form checking led up to a further 3 hour line up to get to the picture and finger print taking. By 7:30 PM she was all done and a happy smile lit up her face.

“OK”, she said, “When do I get my Voter’s ID card”?  The official smiled and told her to wait a while someone would contact her, but one of the ladies sitting next to her whispered that her husband registered in 2012 and still has not seen a Voter’s ID card.

Further research turned up a Philstar News item that says:

“The Comelec has stopped the processing and releasing of voters’ ID cards through the barangays amid complaints that some barangay officials are not giving them to the owners.

“There were reports that there were barangays that are not releasing the ID cards to the voters if they are not friends,” he said.

Jimenez, however, clarified that voters can still participate in the coming elections even without their voters’ ID cards.”

So we would like to hear your comments if you have registered for a Voter’s ID in Dumaguete or surrounding cities.  Did you ever get your card?  How long did it take?  Please comment here to let us know and we will be sure to reply.


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