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Dumaguete to Tanjay Shopping Trip

Prince Hypermart

Where do you go when you get bored shopping at Robinson’s Mall in Dumaguete?

Robinson’s Mall is the far and away favorite shopping place for expats living in Dumaguete. Foreign tourists love it too.  It reminds them of home because there are so many other foreign visitors shopping there, and because the selection of quality merchandise is top-notch.

Last Friday, Yvonne and I were bored of the mall.  There are many more department stores, and boutiques, in downtown Dumaguete but even those get stale after a while.  It was time for a ride-ride.

We headed north of Dumaguete.

Riding past Sibulan the traffic eased up.  There are some beautiful, scenic, ocean views as we pass the turn-off to Twin Lakes.  Not all beaches are sandy.  The shore here is rocky and majestic.  Looking out across the water we could see the island of Cebu clearly and we watched the numerous boats crossing the channel.

We passed the towns of San Jose and Amlan because our destination was Tanjay.  Tanjay is pronounced locally as Tan-high but there are still many foreign expats living in Dumaguete who will look at you funny if you say you rode to Tan-high.  One day they will learn local pronunciations.

In Tanjay there is a department store called Prince Hypermart.  It is well worth going for a look if you live in or around Dumaguete.  The selection of groceries, furniture, appliances, clothing and other items is remarkable for such a small town.  Their overhead is lower, being away from Metro Dumaguete, so their prices are often better than what you will find in the city.

Where should we eat in Tanjay?

Our road trip to Tanjay took about an hour because we drove slowly and stopped to smell the sea breeze.  After another hour of shopping it was time to eat.  Attached to the Prince Hypermart is a small restaurant that caters to middle class shoppers on a budget.  The restaurant is called May Abohan and it is quite easy to have a light meal for two on a budget of 200 pesos.  The bonus, for me, was the taste of the sweet and sour pork.  Many Filipino restaurants do not get the sweet and sour sauce to taste the same as I get back in Canada.  But May Abohan nailed it!  I was so impressed that I could get sweet and sour pork, with rice and a medium coke for under $2.

On the ride back to Dumaguete we stopped to marvel at the mountains as we looked inland. By then it was peak hour for traffic and lots of road warriors zoomed past. It doesn’t pay to rush, so take your time, take a ride, and enjoy life.  I’m Max Veracity, and that’s what we do here, in Dumaguete.


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