C & L Bay View in Dumaguete Philippines

C & L Bay View Inn, Dumaguete

There is non-stop rain in Dumaguete today

The weather report says a Typhoon is forming to the east.  I am only mildly concerned as the report claims that any Typhoon from the current tropical storm is likely to head in a northerly direction.  It is not likely to make landfall in Philippines this time. Very few typhoons every make it to Dumaguete City.  There will be a lot of rain.  Some creeks and rivers will flood.  Roads may even be washed out but the typhoon winds that take your roof off will seldom come here.

The rain gets very monotonous during a storm like this.  I rely on a motorcycle to get around but on days like this I revert to using a jeepney like so many locals do.  It’s not just the falling rain that keeps me off the motorcycle.  The puddles soak my feet as I ride through them and it’s not fun walking around all day with soaked feet.  Local Filipinos solve this problem by wearing slippers.  That is the equivalent of a flip flop in some cultures.  Flip flops are neither safe nor legal for motorcycle riding so I prefer some good old shoes and socks.

Today I wanted to find a peaceful spot to look over the city and take some pictures.  I had this bright idea that I would find peace and quiet on the roof deck restaurant of C & L Bay View Hotel. It seemed logical that 7 or 8 floors up from the city streets would be quiet, but I was wrong.  At the very top of the roof deck the rain was making a steady hiss, but it was drowned out by the traffic noise floating up from the street and the fans of the ventilation room on the roof.  Moving down one level could have been quieter, if not for the staff clattering the dishes, hollering at each other, and playing loud music to drown out any possible sounds of silence.  Philippines is just noisy!

One beer each makes the noise less annoying. Now it’s time to go downstairs and stroll along the boulevard.  If you can block out the noise of the traffic along the boulevard you can actually imagine that it is peaceful there. The tide is out and walking near the water is a treat.  Some children wade into the water but I have seen and smelled the pollution along that stretch of shoreline so I would not want any kids of mine swimming there.  Enjoy what is good.  Ignore what is bad. That’s what works best in Philippines.

To end the day we went to McDonalds for a little taste of North American fast food, or “comfort food”.  When the noise and pollution and weather of Philippines get you down, fatten up at McDonalds.  Hey, whatever works!



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