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Buglasan Festival in Dumaguete City

Buglasan Parade Shrimps

The week-long Buglasan festival in Dumaguete has drawn to a close.
Yvonne and I enjoyed the week-long celebration. Monday was shopping day. Vendors from all around Negros Oriental province bring their wares to impromptu Ukay Ukay stalls where they sell all manner of goods. I like the second hand clothes in foreigner sizes that get donated from other countries. Filipinos are often smaller sized than foreigners so there are a lot of large sized items just waiting to be picked through. Yvonne bought me some cargo shorts for 100 pesos and a pair of, (probably counterfeit), Adidas for another 400 pesos. Sometimes I wonder where all these goods come from and what they were meant for but it’s not my place to ask those questions.
Friday was parade day. The local Buglasan parade relies on people, costumes and skits rather than the floats and waving dignitaries you would see in other country’s parades. It is fun to watch the youngsters dress in colorful costumes and perform re-enactments of historic events or just dance their way through an illustration of local culture. The parade moves slowly and stops often so you can view the performances of each entry. Most of the nearby cities are represented. There is a judging at the end but they were all winners to us. I was particularly amused at the smaller sized youngsters with backpacks made to look like shrimp shells and a hat made to look like a shrimp’s head. I offered to buy such an outfit for Yvonne but got a cold response. It seems that calling a small lady a shrimp is offensive in local culture.
After the parade we dropped in to Mooon Café for a late lunch but they serve up so much food that it ended up being our supper for the night too. Yvonne recommends their burrito while I had a Mooonti Cristo sandwich that filled me up. Get there early if you plan to find a good table. It’s a popular place because it is near Rizal Boulevard.
Fireworks were the draw on Saturday night. Traffic was horrendous on the way to the boulevard and parking was only possible about 2 blocks or more away. Motorcycles may be crazy unsafe compared to newer cars with airbags but they sure get you through the traffic jams when you drive like a local. Everyone for miles around comes to the boulevard for Saturday night at the Buglasan Festival.Happy Buglasan Festival at Coco Amigos in Dumaguete
We found a spot at Coco Amigos on the boulevard and were lucky enough to run into quite a few like-minded friends. Good food, Cerveza Negra beer, banana split for dessert, and being directly opposite the fireworks display made for a pleasant evening. Service was a bit slow at first with so many customers to feed and water, but by the end of the evening the waitresses were right on top of things and we all left happy.
There was still more Buglasan festival tonight, (Sunday), but it was just a repeat of Saturday night. There were still huge crowds on the boulevard and the fireworks were just as nice. We viewed them from the terrace of the new InfiniteTEA shop. A very nice cuppa tea is served there and you get a great view of the festivities. If you have not yet experienced Buglasan Festival in Dumaguete then watch for it in October 2016.

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