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5 Places to Bring Your Date in Dumaguete.

Sunset on beach

Philippines is famous for beautiful Filipinas

Visitors and residents of Dumaguete often have a lady friend or wife. Here are some choices of where to take your date in Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People.

Filipinas love shopping

Whether they have a huge budget or just window shopping dreams, they like to find a bargain. One of Yvonne’s favorite bargains are shoes. Try Meryl Shoes for great prices and a great selection of trendy shoes. Whether buying or browsing; a day in Dumaguete would not be complete without a stop at Meryl Shoes.

Meryl Shoes Location

Shopping is the theme, imports are the meme

Filipinas often believe that anything imported is better quality and less cost. Also, they love International Brand Names. Thus another place on our “must stop/must shop” list is AlyMae US Surplus. There are a few locations in Dumaguete so it’s easy to find. Yvonne likes their clothing lines.

Aly Mae

All that shopping will make you thirsty

We like to make a stop at Rock Box during the day for their Happy Hour special. Its quiet there in the afternoon and a beer is only 30 pesos,. It’s refreshing, relaxing, and there is a balcony where you can look over the hustle and bustle of passing traffic on Perdices Street.

Rockbox Dumaguete

Time for a walk

From 5 pm onward the boulevard is the place for a nice walk. Watch the people, meet friends, enjoy the shade, avoid the traffic, then browse the souvenir vendors and snack sellers as you stretch your legs and watch the sunset.

Boulevard Dumaguete

The sun has set and you are wondering where to eat

Captain Ribbers is not far from the boulevard. Good food and air-conditioned comfort make it a nice place to have supper. The price is good too. Give it a try.
These are just 5 places that Yvonne and Max Veracity hang out regularly, be sure to say Hi if you meet us in any of these locations and tell us you follow our stories on Living In Dumaguete City

Captain ribbers Dumaguete

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